El plan tecnológico para la justicia en Estados Unidos

El Long Range Plan for Information Technology in the Federal Judiciary de Estados Unidos es un esfuerzo enorme de aplicar las tecnologías de la información al sistema judicial de ese país. Se advierte en el reporte para el año fiscal 2008:

"For judges and court staff, using information technology is no longer discretionary; rather, it is simply the way they do their work. The judiciary has a successful enterprise-wide information technology program upon which judges, court staff, probation/pretrial services officers, and others depend to conduct their mission-critical functions. This includes a vital communications infrastructure that connects all court units securely and is now the lifeline for information transfer. The program encompasses stewardship applications that ensure the judiciary manages its resources effectively, and various court support projects and case management systems to provide judges and staff the tools they need to perform their day-to-day work. No organization can control completely the environment in which it operates nor predict absolutely the future that it faces. As such, the judiciary’s information technology program continues to evolve in response to changing technology opportunities, increased internal and external expectations or requirements, and the need to make
cost-effective investments." (Long Range Plan for Information Technology in the Federal Judiciary Fiscal Year 2008 Update)

En el plan concurren muchísimos actores y las más variadas tecnologías de acceso a la información (como el VCIS – Voice Case Information System), siendo relevante la disponibilidad de información al público (Electronic PublicAccess Program e Internet and Public Access Network).

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